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Afro dancehall's newest sensation from the lakeside city Kisumu -black sultan releases new jam 'Pod Apek' that has caught the airwaves with a breathe of fresh air. 

The jam, a club banger with upbeat progressive afro beats and tunes is receiving massive accolades already from top industry players in kisumu."the jam is fresh, hip, danceable and catchy that it sticks on your head once you play it" says reknown producer and media influencer Ngiri .

Pod Apek coined from Lou word pek meaning heavy or heavy weight is the first single off the artist's upcoming album titled 'Pod Apek wholly inspired by individuality and celebrating one's authenticity despite the many challenges life throws one's way. 

"I wanted a song that reminds and ideal"res people to honor and celebrate their individuality despite the hustles of life. To encourage every individual to keep their head up and know their efforts are appreciated. #youareabigdeal #podapek #your purpose in life is a big deal" says the calm collected Black Sultan.

The 27 yea old singer, songwriter and producer,  based in kisumu is currently working on his debut album set to launch later thisyear and says he is ready to do it for the culture and add his voice to the musical narrative of Kenya. 

"Music should make you feel good, love life and spread good vibes. I want to make feel good music that uplifts the spirit and puts one in a dance mood" says Black Sultan.

Pod Apek is co produced by Clasta aka Crazy monkey at Black Sultan's own label Bermuda Records based in Kisumu.


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