PHOTOS: The Community School Chipukeezy Help Build to Register First Candidates This Year

Life would be so much better if those at the top worked for those who put them there. A few of the elected MPs, Women reps, Senators etc only stay in office doing nothing and earning every other month not forgetting the money they embezzle.

One of the countries most talented comedians Chipukeezy a few months ago decided to do something for the people of Tala. With some help from well wishers he started a school in Tala to help the less fortunate in the area which is so far doing great. The awesome initiative has seen many kids get a chance to read and write and this year the school will be registering it’s first set of candidates.

His colleague Eric Omondi accompanied him to the school together with Moses Kuria who promised to facilitate the construction of a new class. According to the comedian back when he was young going to school was not a priority simply because one could not afford it and if you could, getting a good grade was harder due to the sad state of the schools. The kids couldn’t have started their year on a better note thanks to Chipukeezy.

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