Serikali Saidia! Kakamega man sells wife for KSh 500 for the most WEIRD reason

Wonders shall never cease! A Kakamega man has left the country reeling in laughter and shock in equal measures after selling his wife for a meager Ksh 500.The man,a popular boda boda rider in Kakamega town is said to have sold his wife to a fellow boda boda rider ,who clinched himself a wife thanks to the husband’s thirst for a bottle soda.
Speaking after the exchange, the new ‘husband’ who seemed all happy and excited with his new acquisition said his friend jokingly promised to surrender the wife to him since he had earlier on drooled over her in his presence. The man went ahead to reveal how shocked he was when his friend called him with news that he was ready for the transaction.
Without wasting time, he jumped on the opportunity and went for ‘his’ wife armed with Ksh 500 as they had agreed. The man who willingly sold his wife is said to have used the proceeds from the sale to buy himself a bottle of soda as he celebrated his Christmas.
The incident has not only shocked Kakamega area residents but the entire nation. Throngs of Kenyans took to social media to condemn the transaction as they bashed the man.
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