Shock As Manager Dumps Musician To Start Own Music Career

Music is business hence the name showbiz. Most people have dropped everything to venture into music which is a multi-billion industry taking shape bit by bit. Others have dropped music to concentrate with other things since they’ve not been able to make anything like their counterparts. That alone should tell you the tumults that come with being a musician. However, for those who know how things are run in the much competitive business, music is a cash cow that is worth dropping everything for. So is the case with a top Ugandan musician’s manager who has decided to resign from her managerial duty to start her own career, probably to reap more.
Ugandan singer Irene Ntaale is currently operating without a manager after her manager, Veronica alias Vero dumped her to start own music career .According to intimate sources from the matoke land, Vero who has been managing Irene for the past three years called it a day and moved on to become a musician herself. Vero has now rebranded into a singer under the stage name ‘Vinka’.

According to the source, Vero aka Vinka has vowed to make herself a better musician and bring competition to the likes of Irene, Cindy Sanyu, Sheeba Karugi among other female musicians.
What an interesting turn of events.

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