Sinaga Swaga Is Putting Tanzanian Hip Hop On Lane – Young Killer

Rapper Young Killer has said that his new song , Sinaga Swaga has come to bring back ‘real hip hop’ on lane.

He has said that of late a number of Tanzanian rappers have been lazying around doing songs just for the commercial side forgetting they should educate and inform the masses. He has come to put thngs right.
“Dhumuni la kufanya hii ngoma, nimetaka kuwaonesha kwamba hip hop yetu bado ipo na ina nguvu kubwa na ina uwezo wa kufika mbali zaidi ya hapo ambapo ipo endapo tutaendelea kuisupport na kuipa nafasi,”
 the rapper told  Pride FM, Eddy Msafi.
Young Killer has gone ahead to say that the ears of the people of Tanzania need to listen to songs like Sinaga Swaga and not being fed to songs that teach and imitate the western culture.
Watch Video Below:

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