Afro-Dancehall Singer Fololo On The Verge Of Getting 'Otonglo'

Fololo is an Afrodancehall music artist,the first artist in East africa to come up with the genre,mostly artist in this region only do dancehall which is a style mostly popular in Jamaica but he has decided to add an African touch to it and able to come up with a new style making it new and unique.

He recently released a new song titled 'Otonglo'. 
"Otonglo was mostly inspired by the daily hustles of the youth,people doing all kinds of jobs just to make a living,through thick and thin and nomatter the situation they have to make that cash to be able to survive and sometimes thrive in the society.Plans are underway to do a video soon since there is a demand for it." says Fololo

The song was first realesed on Radio Sahara in kisumu city in december 2016 and it immedietly topped the charts for 8 consecutive weeks and still doin so well upto this momment.
 Recorded by Sappy.


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