Akothee Abused Badly For Doing This On Facebook

Akothee aka Madam Boss, the controversial award winning Kenyan singer, got herself trolled on Facebook for tagging along her manager, Nelly Oaks to the market place where she went to purchase groceries.
The singer made a post that expressed her love for motherhood with photos of her picking out foodstuffs as her manager watched.
“When I’m done with www.akotheesafaris.com the housewife character checks in, forever a mother my other side of life,” her post read.
Several of her followers questioned why she would have her manager everywhere including the market place. Others went ahead to ask why she was skimpily dressed in public. Akothee had on a tight pair of shorts.
Earlier on, last month Madam Boss had written Nelly Oaks a sweet message on social media that received varied feelings from her fans. She was celebrating her first anniversary with her manager in the music industry thus taking to social media to appreciate him. Speculations are rife that the two are seeing each other.
Last week, Akothee angered her followers by posting a status that disregarded women who use pregnancy emergency pill P2. This remark also generated a heated argument on her comment section.
Some of the comments read;
Ruth Wanjiru
Kwani huyu manager mnakuwanga kila mahali nay eye …soon utatuonyesha mkioga pamoja”
Ann Qui
Mpaka kwa soko unaenda bila nguo …
Marie Musa
Ata hapo kwa soko Nelly Oaks bado ni manager … unatuenjoy sana but it’s okay.
Well, we all know Madam Boss for controversy. In an interview on The Trend last year, the queen of ohangla had admitted to being a ‘walking scandal’.  Now you all should take it easy on her.

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