Babu Owino Suggest Closure of Universities, Calls for Refund of Semester Fees

Paul Ongili alias Babu Owino has called on to the students across all the campuses to ensure that lecturers are paid or institutions be closed and semester fees refunded. The students organization of Nairobi university (SONU) chairperson who also eyes Embakasi east Parliamentary seat said that the UoN will lead the way in ensuring that students needs are met. 

Speaking to members of the students council and a group of students, Babu noted that the Jubilee government led by Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto is not sincere enough in tackling the numerous industrial action taking place in the country. 
The university lecturers under the umbrella of UASU has been on strike for the last three weeks. They joined their counterparts under KMPDU in calling for the implementation of 2013 CBA. Doctors have also been on strike for over 63 days. 

Babu who has been in the neck of the Jubilee government for quite some time also noted that university students were suffering having paid school fees yet there are no lecturers taking place. The four times SONU leader also said that it was fair to have students in campuses struggling to find something to eat and pay for accommodation on a daily basis yet there is no important duty taking place within the institutions of higher learning. 

The ‘Tibim’ phrase inventor said via his approved Social Media accounts that he will today hold a press conference to urge students to come out in large numbers and demand for the immediate end to the industrial action or force closure of institution and refund of semester fees. It is not yet clear If institutions will agree to refund students the cash because university regulations doesn’t allow for such. 

Few other universities have already closed indefinitely citing lecturers strike. Others including Laikipia and Karatina forced students to leave the institution and surrender their accomodation basics to the management. It is not yet known If they will also be forced to refund fees.

The lecturers yesterday evening rejected government’s offer of 10 Billion shillings saying that they will only resume work should the government offer atleast 45 Billion shillings. This is said to be a soft stance from their earlier demand that insisted on implementation of the entire 2013 CBA.

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