UGANDA : Bebe Cool And His Wife Cause Drama At A Popular Club in Uganda

Ugandan Celebrities must really love publicity since they are always making news with Negative stunts. According to, popular Ugandan Reggae/Dancehall Maestro Bebe Cool and his wife  Zuena almost caused drama at a popular hangout joint on the night of Valentines day. 

The site reports that the singer and his wife walked into Liquid Silk, Bugolobi and were received well like the Celebrities they are.

Bebe Cool then requested that they be shown to the VIP section. A few moments later, Bebe Cool asked for the clubs manager and the two were seen having a chat. As soon as the manager left his chambers, the Dj started playing Bebe Cool’s songs. The artist was excited and couldn't help but get up on his feet and dance. 

His wife also joined him in dancing. The night was going well until an hour later when the Dj started playing other artists music. Bebe Cool walked out of his VIP chambers accompanied by his no nonsense bodyguards to the Dj’s Chambers and he began confronting him.

His wife Zuena then realized that the confrontation was attracting attention and she walked into the Dj box to calm him down. The couple was later seen leaving the club at 4 am in the morning dead drunk and staggering in each others arms.Well, last year Singer Jose chameleon had the same case of allegedly insulting a Dj for not playing his songs but look where his case ended. 

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