Former Presidential Aspirant Says All Kenyans will be walking Ngothaless by August

A onetime presidential candidate Kingwa Kamenchu has announced that her underwear Free Africa initiative has achieved 70% success rate. This may be interpreted to mean more people are going about their daily activities without wearing underwear.

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Kingwa Kamenchu who was speaking in one of the local TVs morning show said that her team was working hard to make sure that 100% of Kenyans adopt their ideas by August. She, however, pinpointed out that the initiative success will only be possible when all Kenyans united to support her group and called for their prayers.
Kamenchu has been on the media for the wrong reasons. At one point, she called on all Kenyans to take part in masturbation campaign against the wearing of underwear and shared a picture of her boobs on her Facebook page.
Kingwa studied history and literature at the University of Nairobi where she graduated with a first class honours. In addition, she holds graduate degrees in African studies and creative writing from the University of Oxford where she served as the President of the African Society.

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