GoodBye Njanuary! Keroche Breweries Heiress Steps Out In A Ksh 200k Cocktail Dress

January if finally over and Kenyans are looking forward to stress free months full of financial breakthroughs. However, January, known to be one of the longest months due to scarcity of funds did not affect some Kenyans whose lives, rather extravagancy went on unperturbed. Apart from Shaffie Weru who acquired a pricey motorbike, Keroche Breweries’ heiress Anerlisa Muigai also proved the depth of her purse by stepping out in a very expensive cocktail dress.

Anerlisa, who just the other day took to social media with a job offer at her Mineral water company Nero was recently photographed wearing a pricey blue cocktail dress designed by a Dominican-American fashion designer, Oscar de la Renta.

Well, for those of you who don’t know Oscar, he is the guy whose designer dresses fetch $500 to $1500 on most online store like Ebay and Amazon.
This is not the first time Anerlisa is making headlines with her expensive outfit. The lass has been the subject of various online discussions thanks to her expensive gadgets, handbags, hair and nearly everything she dons. Anerlisa shared a photo of herself in the Ksh 200,000 dress and captioned;

”Good morning 🙂 Wake up like a fighter -:* Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be whoever you want to be. Work ethic is essential for success in any field and you can control that, just never be satisfied with mediocrity. Comfort kills ambition,stay hungry and keep improving.”
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