Kenyan Afro Urban New Male Group Giving SautiSol A Run For Their Money

The Kushites are pleased to announce the release of “Tausi,” a beautiful love song done in collaboration with Danny Millz, formerly with Kenyan rap group, Trap Town.
“Tausi” which was produced by Mansa Chusa, who is also the other half of The Kushites, and recorded at Galaxis studio, Nairobi, is a song sang by a guy hitting on a girl he has been chasing for a for a while, telling her of how beautiful she is and can only be compared to a peacock, the bird. The guy is explaining how he is deeply in love with her and he is ready to take her anywhere she wants and buy her anything she wants as long as she accepts him.
The song’s chorus features a hook from a swahili folk song which is also a Kenyan classic, ‘Tausi Ndege Wangu’ originally sang by the late Fundi Konde. The chorus is sang by Mansa Chusa and Danny Millz and then the verses are a flawless rap done by the second Kushite Pesa Nyingi who has Tanzanian roots so his swahili and flow on this track is pretty dope. 
Accompanying the song is a music video produced by X Antonio, showcasing the group members on an outdoor setting ideal for a picnic and camping, interchanged by shots of beautiful ladies who are being sang for this song

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