Larry Madowo Receives A Bashing From Kenyans For Doing This

Ntv journalist Larry Madowo found himself in the wrong side with throngs of Kenyans after taking a jibe at Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho while he was in the U.S.Larry who has first become a controversy magnet shared a photo of the governor and captioned, “Fake News”.
His statement did not auger down well with Joho supporters and Kenyans in general. Like bees from a distracted bee hive, Kenyans pounced on Larry Madowo, with others using some not so cool words on him.

Sam Nujoma – larry shida yako waga nini, my brother kiuks have no friends ata naona unapenda kuwaalika kwa TREND ukidhani ni mabeste zako, wait untill the day utawaitaji! Achana na sultan 001. mlisema anauza mihadarati, haya, huyooo jiji la TRUMP.
Stewart Stewart – Larry you are just a stupid idiot, mind your own business. You are a journalist, give us the real news. Bulshit.!
Onduu Mc Adera – Larry stick to ua idiotic opinion…Nkt ufala utacha check ua utube where joho i
Ouma Kenn – Have respected you for who you are but on this……..idiot stick to your work.
Jeremiah Host Okoth – Larry, again, stick to your lanes. Making noise with socialites on TV. Blogging iko na wenyewe!
This is not the first time Larry Madowo is locking horns with the Kenyan public. A couple of months ago, the Trend host became the subject of a heated online mockery after sharing photos of himself grabbing a naked statue. He has also received a serious trolling for holding the balls of a statue bull in New York in the recent past.
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