Michelle Obama "Should Have Been President" Instead Of Barack, According To Their Professor

Barack was good, but Michelle would have been better.
That’s according to their former law school professor, who claims that Mrs. Obama was always the better student and that she, “should have been President.”
Charles Ogletree Jr., who specializes in constitutional law, taught both the former President and First Lady when the two came through Harvard Law together in the late ‘80s.
His opinion on the couple is both insightful and hilarious. “When I first saw [Barack], he was speaking too much,” he joked. “He wanted everything. He said, ‘I can answer that question, professor.’ I said, ‘Barack, I want to call on Mary.’”
But then Ogletree, unprompted, gets his real feelings about the situation off his chest: “But you know, his wife should have been President.”
This obviously shocked the interviewer, so Ogletree followed up by saying, “Ohhhh, absolutely. He was great too, but she was better.”
And then, reading all of America’s hopeful minds, he quickly added, “She could easily be President – but I don’t think she will.”

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