NASA Settles on Raila as It’s Flag Bearer-Here is the Line Up

NASA, formerly CORD, has settled on Raila Odinga as the coalition’s flag bearer,ending speculation over who will be the presidential candidate.
The party, which is yet to be registered will make a major announcement tomorrow 2/21/2017 where the lineup for the coalition is expected to be unveiled officially. The lineup is as follows:
President-Raila Odinga
Deputy President –Kalonzo Musyoka
Executive Prime Minister-Musalia Mudavadi
Executive Deputy Prime Minister-Moses Wetangula
According to sources close to Raila Odinga,the lineup was arrived at after the four compared the numbers each would bring to the table, where Raila was found to be having a lion’s share, followed by Kalonzo Musyoka,Musalia Mudavadi,and Moses Wetangula respectively. It was also agreed that Raila Odinga would create the positions of Executive Prime Minister and Executive Deputy Prime Minister in the first 100 days in power so as to accommodate Kalonzo and Wetangula.
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