Nyoko Nyinyi! Diamond Platnumz Pours Unprintable Insults On Fan Who Said He Doesn’t Like Him

Instagram introduced Instagram Live a couple of days ago, move that did not only impress countless local and international celebrities but also ashamed them. Tanzaian artists were the most affected since most of them did not take their usual journeys to slumber land as the new Instagram feature debuted. ’Salome’ hit maker Diamond Platnumz was not left behind either as he took to the platform to interact with his fans Live.

Everything was well as the star who was later joined by his wife Zari Hassan and daughter Tiffah talked to his. However, everything came down tumbling after a fan ,rather critic told Diamond that he was not a big fan of his music and basically everything about him .Like a processed fella, Diamond came down on the POOR fan by throwing all manner of insults at him. The singer shamelessly used the F word and other unprintable insults in front of his 2 year old daughter Tiffah. The star went further to claim that the fan hated on him because he was poor and couldn’t afford houses, expensive rides and money.

“You don’t need to hate me because I don’t hate you, by the way I don’t f*cking know you, the person that hates me, I don’t know him,I only know people who love me because I always concentrate with people who love me, who support me, if you hate me f*ck you, I don’t know you.You don’t even stress me out because I know you must be broke, If you are not broke, there is no way you can hate me, if you hate me you’re motherf*cking broke, and if you’re broke you can’t stress me out because I got money more than you, I got cars more than you, I got houses more than you, I got money motherf*cker in the bank more than you. You and your family know that, so if you hate me go to hell.”Diamond barked at the fan.
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