Photos-Eric Omondi and His Girlfriend Go Nude To Celebrate The Month Of Love

Whether you like it or not, Eric Omondi is the real King of Comedy in the Kenyan showbiz industry. He has been working his ass off to ensure that he puts a smile on Kenyans faces. Unlike other comedians, Eric usually goes that extra mile to do what no other person can do. He makes funny music videos out of artists songs, releases funny clips and literally gets his hands dirty if need be as long as he makes Kenyans laugh. Eric was recently bashed by Owuor Arunga for his comical acts but this has not stopped him from doing what he does best.
His Italian girlfriend Chantel Grazioli has always offered him full support in his work. The couple recently caused a stir on the internet after a clip emerged showing Chantel slapping Eric hard but the video was meant to advertise airtime. The couple is back again with yet another comic photoshoot for Kenyans as we celebrate the month of love. In the shoot, they both go nude and take us back to the Garden of Eden with images portraying what used to be. In some photos they are covered in leaf clothing and in others they are in their birthday suits. 
Check them out below.

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