President Uhuru Kenyatta to Get Salary Increment-See What He Will Earn

Starting July this year ,President Uhuru Kenyatta’s pay will be increased by ten per cent and that of the deputy president William Ruto too. Their annual salaries will then read Ksh 40.2 million from the current Ksh36.6 million. Their allowances though remain unaffected.
This will only be effective if the two will be re-elected in August. If not re-elected, the salaries commission is obliged to set a lower pay for the newly elected president and his deputy president.
Last year, the President and his deputy got a 9.1 percent rise. This increase came after they had stated that they would take a 20 percent pay cut back in 2014.
The pay increase issue arises when the government is striving to reduce the overwhelming public wage bill. The treasury too is working on a grave plan to free up cash for important services in the country at the moment. These services include education, security and health.  As part of the grave plan, the treasury had frozen the pay rise of the president and his deputy to 2018 so as to recover money for the above services.
According to the Salaries and Remuneration Commission the president’s maximum annual pay should be Ksh19.8 million. His deputy president should have his annual pay at Ksh16.8 million.
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