Ready Fi Anything After Mia Kwa Mia Release, Urban Light Kikosi

After releasing their theme song, #MiaKwaMia which was  their mission to rally christian youth to live a life that exhibits their faith, Urban Ligh Kikosi  brings you the second installment of their continuing series.

The song is titled #ReadyFiAnything and is based on Philippians 4:13. It seeks to motivate Christians to live their life courageously with full knowledge that Christ got their backs.
The song was written and performed by UrbanLight Kikosi (comprising Kamlesh Kagaba, Gregory XIII, Patrick Irvine and Colly Kamili). The instrumentation was done by Colly Kamili of UrbanLight Recordings. It was recorded at NYNP, mixed and mastered by Colly Kamili. The video was directed by Eston Adams & Don Mbago of Royal State Pictures with UrbanLight Recordings as the Executive Producers.

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