Timmy TDat Confesses His Undying Love For Sexy TV Girl Anita Nderu

Love has many definitions among different people. However, matters of the heart can only be justified by two people who have fallen in love. Finding true love is a beautiful thing but not all of us are lucky to find it. Some people are just unlucky when it comes to relationship and love matters. Popular local artist Timmy TDat is a talented artist and has captured many Kenyan’s with his music but he has not been very lucky in relationship matters.

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Last year, Timmy was in a romantic relationship with female rapper Kush Tracey and the two kept it under wraps for a while before going public. The two spent most of their time together and were always displaying their affection in public before things went sour. The couple’s break up falls among the nastiest Celebrity break ups we have had in Kenya. The two had a nasty fall out in one of the local hangout joints in Nairobi which lead to their break up.
Well after making it public that they were no longer together, there were rumors that they could still get back together but they never did. In fact, months later, Timmy started hanging out with singer Dela and the two were so close that they made people believe that they are dating. However, Timmy denied the claims and he has just revealed that he has his eyes on Sultry TV girl Anita Nderu. Check out what he said during Larry Madowo’s show The Trend.
“Kuna huyu mgal dem amesema jo amenilike na amesema mara tatu ama mara nne…. Anita jo, unafanya heeart yangu inawarm. Every time unasem “Oh my God, I like the guy”, hata watu wa Kasabun wanaget motivated,” He Said

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