Top 10 Best Paying Parastatals in Kenya-Salaries

Parastatals are among the best paying institutions in Kenya, even so, there are several parastatals which pay less than others. We present the top 10 best paying parastatals and their average salaries.

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National Security & Intelligent Service
National Security & Intelligent Service is among the best paying government institutions in Kenya. A fresh recruit to the body earns Ksh120, 000-Ksh160, 000.The average salary of employees is Ksh 183,000
Kenya Airports Authority
Kenya Airports Authority is responsible for managing airports and airstrips in Kenya. If you manage to join the institution as a graduate trainee, you will earn a starting salary of Ksh130, 000-Ksh150, 000.
At KAA, 65 % of the employees earn over Ksh180, 000
Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission
Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission plays a major role in regards to ethics in the public sector. Due to its sensitive position, its employees earn attractive renumeration so as to encourage them.
The basic salary of a fresh graduate at EACC is Ksh 120,000-Ksh144, 000.The chairman of the commission is one of the best paid employees in Kenya.
EACC pays commissioners Sh485,000 as basic salary.The chairman earns Sh420,000 , the vice-chairman Sh395,000
The risk allowance of  the chairman is Sh200,000,the vice chairman earns Sh175, and members  Sh150,000.
Besides the salaries listed above, there are other allowances, which push the salary of the chairman to in excess of Ksh1.5 million.
Central Bank of Kenya
Central Bank of Kenya is classified as Class A,which means the salaries of employees are categorized alongside that of EACC and NSIS employees. A fresh graduate at CBK earns not less than Ksh160,000 while a senior manager pockets at least Ksh600,000.
The average salary of employees at CBK is Ksh 210,000
Nairobi Securities Exchange
Nairobi Securities Exchange plays a core role in regards to in investments. The institution rarely advertises job opportunities, but those who have been fortunate to work there would surely tell you the salaries are extremely good. It’s not uncommon to find a junior employee at NSE earning Ksh 150,000.
If you possess a business related degree and CFA qualification, chances are than your starting salary would be upwards of Ksh 300,000
KenGen is responsible for power generation. The main skills required at KenGen include electrical engineering, oil and gas engineering, mechanical engineering, customer service, procurement and purchasing, civil engineering and sales & marketing.
A graduate trainee at KenGen earns Ksh145,000-Ksh 180,000.
Kenya Power
Kenya power is another parastatal in the energy sector. A graduate trainee engineer at Kenya Power earns Ksh130,000-Ksh160,000 while a secretary earns between Ksh60,000-Ksh120,000.
Communication Authority of Kenya
Communication Authority of Kenya is also another well-paying institution. Regardless of the position you hold in the institution, you won’t complain of the salaries. The lowest paid graduate, a fresh graduate earns Ksh 130,000-Ksh145,000.
Kenya Pipeline
Kenya pipeline, which is also in the energy sector, is recognized as one of the best employers in Kenya. If you manage to secure employment at Kenya Pipeline as a fresh graduate, you won’t earn less than Ksh140, 000
Kenya Civil Aviation Authority
Okay, the first thing to look at when you  are analyzing the salaries of employees of a certain organization is looking at the cars they drive and their general lifestyle.KCAA employees are well renumerated-which is why they drive fuel guzzlers and also live in posh estates.
Capital Markets Authority
Capital Markets Authority employs financial analysts, actuaries, statisticians, lawyers and forensic experts. If you possess this skills, you better apply for employment at this institution.

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