Top 5 Best Dressed Kenyan Celebrities In 2017

Image is one of the most imperative things that any celebrity should consider spending his or her time, money and energy on. Like in most businesses, packaging is one key aspect that a brand needs to leverage on for maximum profit through aesthetic appeal. The Kenyan entertainment industry, otherwise known to many as the Kenyan showbiz, boasts of several personalities who handle their brands like top notch products ready to dominate the market.
In simpler terms, the Kenyan entertainment industry ,consisting of Tv and Radio personalities, musicians ,Djs, MC, Comedians et al is packed with individuals who occasionally spark our eyes with their amazing sense of fashion. Below is the full list of Top 5 best dressed Kenyan celebrities 2017;

1. Jamal Gadaffi – TV Presenter/Host Maisha Mzuqa KTN
Jamal Gadaffi’s big break came when he won The Presenter Season Two reality TV show by KTN, which garnered him a gig at the Mombasa-Road TV station. The Tv host has always wowed Kenyans and his fans, especially the ladies who can’t help but tumble for his auspicious taste of fashion.
2. Octopizzo 

Octopizzo Namba Nane ,who is Kenya’s illest rapper also happens to be a superb dresser, who is always on point as far as ‘slaying’ it is concerned. He is so big on fashion, that he is currently leading his son towards his direction.
3. Jalang’o 

Apart from being the most sort after radio presenter in Kenya as at now, Felix Odiwour alias Jalang’o is also a suave brother, matters fashion. The Radio Maisha presenter knows how to blend his looks in different events. His shoe game is of the cuffs, with a collection of super expensive kicks.

4. Brown Mauzo
From Diani with love and style, is a line that can perfectly describe Brown Mauzo aka Akothee’s Ex. The singer, currently riding high with his jam ‘Apotee’ has never disappointed with his looks. Be it in music videos, TV interviews or just some ‘meet and greets’ ,Mauzo is always on point and ready to blow us away with his impeccable sense of fashion.
5. Bahati 
The founder of the now popular slang ‘Prayer Partner’ is not only ‘creative’ at coming up with viral slangs but also in looking dapper. Being a young musician, Bahati knows the perfect recipe for success and dominance among the young population. Looking good has always appealed to the dot com generation, and that is what the lad has used to his advantage.
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