Valentine Mayhem, Try This And Thank Me Later

Valentine season is here with us again.

It’s a moment that is characterized with extreme anticipation and anxiety-whichever way. The Valentine day’s activities range from having fancy dinner at a restaurant, roses, chocolates, teddy bears, and lots of romance related errands. It is not a miracle to see restaurants, hotels, stores and even workplaces decorated in red and pink.
The red colour is always dominant on this day. Literally, Love in the air eh! Many people get a rare chance to propose to their significant others, owning up their love to each other and doing all manner of romantic gestures that they would never do on any ordinary day.

Clan of solitude
On the other hand, Valentine’s Day for singles mean dealing with this and that. Yani, trying to remain calm and happy but not letting the pressure of this drastic change of the atmosphere ruin your day.
The origin of the valentine day is debatable; however there is a theory that stands out. This theory is based on a person, Saint Valentine. He is believed to have performed marriage ceremonies in secret knowing it was forbidden by King Claudius 11. The practice was considered as distraction to the young roman men enlisted in the army.
Saint Valentine’s activities were discovered by the authorities and he was arrested and later sentenced to death. While in jail, he helped healing one of jailors daughter who was sick. He later wrote a farewell letter to her before execution and signed, “Your Valentine”. Saint Valentine was later executed. Pope Galasius declared February 14th towards the end of 5th century as Valentine’s Day, in honor of Saint Valentine.

Today, conventions and social concepts of relationships have significantly changed.

It’s not a crime
Being single is normal and acceptable in the society today; however dealing with the pressure of Valentine’s Day remains a struggle for many.
I want to be affectionate to the singles today. If you want to make yourself feel better and spend Valentine as much as the lucky couples, here are some meticulous tips to save your boat:

1. Obtain a new do. Nothing boosts your confidence like good grooming. On this day; pamper yourself, pull out a new hair style, do your nails and so forth. For men get a new haircut. You might need to drop by an SPA joint to earn some therapy. 
Whatever rejuvenates you, go for it.

2. Buy a gift for yourself. Valentine’s Day is majorly regarded as a day where “sweethearts” buy each other gifts. Don’t be left out, that one thing you’ve always craved to own; be it a nice pair of shoes, purse for ladies et cetera buy it for self. You’ll be so busy excited for your new purchase that you won’t even notice the insanity that comes with Valentine. You’ll have something to celebrate and look forward for.

3. Celebrate and spoil yourself. Make Valentine’s Day stand out for yourself. Buy pizza, chocolates, ice creams and get your favorite movies then relax enjoy and be happy. Believe me, you won’t notice how that day ends fast. Alternatively you can go out with single friends and organize an outdoor party and do some Bazokizo.

4. Extend love to the people you love. There is always a misconception that, Valentine’s Day is meant for couple’s or people in love, however this is a day to celebrate love for the people you have in your life.
You can spend the day with your parents, your best friends or even grannies. It’s a day to express love after all. Show love to someone, even the less fortunate.

5. Re-evaluate yourself. Valentine offers a perfect opportunity to evaluate your goals. Remind yourself why you are single. Be in charge of your life and don’t let anyone influence your choices.  Do not allow fear of loneliness drive you into a relationship that you aren’t prepared for or comfortable with. Take a pause and say no to how the society wants to dictate your status. If you aren’t ready for a relationship; remain single even if everyone else is in a relationship.

6. Save your money. Well, some will remain ignorant on this but that’s not my business. If you are in a relationship don’t kill me for this. I know its worth to spend for the person you love, it’s a signal that you are a significant partner to whoever he/she is. Nevertheless, for single guys it’s an opportunity to save that cash for a worthy course. Simply save, save and save.

See you after Valentine!

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