Video Of The Day | Namtafuta by Beryl Owano

Beryl Owano is an Afropop, recording and performing female artist whose vocal, writing and singing talent is unquestionably great and this are just some of the reasons why she is the talk of the town.
She started singing from way back though she professionally started recording in 2013 but became even more serious when she met Omae Lion in December 2015 since then she has done several recordings which when released are going to cement her tag as one of the best female artists in Africa and the world.
Having worked with manes like Omae Lion and veteran rapper Labalaa Makau, Beryl had not released any projects of her own until she made her solo career debut with her successful single “Mafisi” translating to Hyenas but used a figurative word to mean perverts.
Making a comeback for the new year Beryl has a new track out this time she goes l the romantic way just like the first but in a more sweater and lovely style.
“In Our society once you get to a certain age you are expected to marry, be married or at least be engaged. Unfortunately you’ll find that there are many men and women who have everything settled, good jobs, good houses and some driving but the only thing they lack is a man or woman to settle with. Namtafuta is that song for people who are in the searching period for that someone to settle with.” Beryl explained.
Her impressive powerful vocals are not the only thing that’ sets Beryl apart form the rest as this talented diva also has a great sense of fashion with undivided love for Ankara prints giving the awesome visual that much needed African feel.
Produced by Jacky B, the stunning visual directed was by Trey Juelz, watch it below and share with us your thoughts on this one, hope you enjoy.

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