You’ll probably throw out your old TV when you see this one

Who doesn’t want a TV that’s as beautiful when turned off as it is when it’s on? Who doesn’t want a TV that’s as clean at the back as it is at the front? Who doesn’t want TV that can be placed practically anywhere in the living room?
CES 2017 in Las Vegas last month had a lot of new shiny tech and this ridiculously beautiful TV stood out. Samsung’s QLED TV has been designed to impress any way you look at it.
Here’s just a few of the key features it has in store;
  1. A no-gap wall mount minimises the space between the TV and the wall, all the while maintaining the very thin profile of the display.
  2. Samsung’s ‘Studio Stand’, which resembles an easel with a painting, or the sleek ‘Gravity Stand’, which when attached to QLED TV, resembles a contemporary sculpture.
  3. An invisible optical cable frees the media area of untidy wires, making it a device that is truly designed for living. With the nearly-invisible optical cable, the first thing you see is the TV, not a clutter of devices and wires underneath.
  4. Boundless 360 design.
  5. A flawless screen, with a subtle, delicate border,  slim design and clean back.

Here is the machine in action:

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