Avril Opens Up About Her Relationship With Dennis Oliech

There has been many rumors about Avril Nyambura’s relationships in the past few months.
She was said to be involved with footballer Dennis Oliech among others, however, the singer who is known for popular songs such as, kitu kimoja, Hakuna yule, Hello baby which she did with Tanzanian singer Ommy Dimpoz among other songs recently came out to speak about this.
Though many still believe that the two were romantically involved after being spotted hanging out a number of times, Avril now says that she has known the footballer for more than 6 years and Oliech was in her life before she met her ex fiance, Leslie Mugadza.
Speaking to SDE Avril said,
“I am not dating Dennis. He is one of my best friends from way back. We’ve been friends for over six years now. I knew him before I met my ex and we are always hanging out together,”
She went on to add that she has heard and seen blogs write that she was pregnant (this is after she posted a photo flaunting her baby bump) but these were all lies. Avril says the photo was taken from a movie set she was feared on and for her role she had to potray a pregnant woman.
“I have also heard the rumours about the pregnancy but they are baseless. Do I look pregnant…Do I? There is fascination Kenyans have of me being pregnant. I don’t understand why. The rumours were fueled by a photo I posted on my social media pages towards the end of last year, where I was looking heavily pregnant. Fortunately or unfortunately, I am not pregnant. It was a prank. Actually, the photo was taken from a movie set I’ve been featured on and in the roles I was playing I had to portray a pregnant lady.”
Anyway, there you have it! Avril is not seeing anyone at the moment and is focused on her career and investments before she thinks of settling down.

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