Friends are Parasites, I Better Feed Dogs Than Spend on Friends-Akothee

Wealthiest Kenyan artiste, Akothee has claimed her friends are parasites.
In a Facebook post,Akothee claims that friends have become a bother: she blames them of living like a parasite by demanding airtime to call,money for drinks,a ride and even food to eat.The singer wonders what kind of friends are they considering they don’t bear any serious attachment.
“it’s cheaper for me to feed & keep 32 dogs , but I can’t afford to make 5 friends happy every weekend, I can’t quench their constant thirst for turn up , this dogs won’t ask for my car drive around & bring it back with dents & empty tanks, how do you feel if eveytime you go out with friends you have to pay their bills , give them a ride , they get drunk more than you & on top of that call you to send them airtime so they can call you?”, she laments.
The singer now wants to drop most of her friends and adopt a dog, which she claims is much cheaper to keep.
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