Is Comedian Chipukeezy Eyeing A Political Seat In This Years General Election?

With the countdown to August 8th, the official election date in Kenya already underway, political heat seems to have reached its peak. Politicians are taking to the streets left right and center in a last minute bid to garner votes.
Comedian Chipukeezy has not been left behind and took to the streets of Mlolongo with honesty as his best tool and strategy, and got a chance to convince his supporters to vote him in, come August.
In his campaign, Chipukeezy talked about what he has done and what he intends to do if and when re-elected. Honestly, I wish all politician would be this forthright about their intentions! His campaign not only gives one a different perspective of things as far as Kenyan politics are concerned, but also passes a very important message to everyone.
Below is the video of how the campaign unfolded. Be the judge;

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