Joho Did Not Complete High School, He Did Not Do KCSE

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho will not afford sleep today after the Kenya National Examination Council wrote a letter confirming he did not complete high school and does not possess a KCSE certificate.

The letter, dated 26/3/2017, shows that Joho dropped out of school out of fear of the examination. He later joined business.
“Following your request for verification and confirmation of examination results Joho Hassan Ali result slip as per the letter referred CID/SEC/4/4/3 dated 25thJanuary,2017,it has been established that the purported copy of the results slip presented to KNEC for authentication was obtained from a forged document as follows
Records in the KNEC database indicate that-:
1.1. Joho Hassan Ali did not register nor sat for the year 1992 KCSE examination at Serani Secondary School under index number 160092024
1.2 .Center 16009 did not exist during the year 1992 KCSE examination
1.3. The code for Serani Secondary School during the year 1992 KCSE examination was 16032
Therefore the purported copy of the year 1992 KCSE examination results slip presented to KNEC for verification purposes is obtained from a forged document”,reads a letter from the KNEC
The CID was following Joho’s case and from what you can see above the Mombasa Kingpin did not finish high school, meaning that all the academic certificates he possess are fake.
Forgery is a serious offence, if indeed he forged his high school and university certificates, he might be imprisoned for up to 5 years. Before then, he will be locked out of Mombasa Govenor race by the IEBC.

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