Jose Chameleone’s 'Hit After Hit' Concert Cancelled!

Chameleone is currently counting losses after he was forced to cancel his highly anticipated concert. The Valu Valu hit maker was scheduled to perform at the “Legend: Hit after Hit” concert on 19th May at Lugogo Cricket Oval. However, the concert may not materialize as planned if reports from Ugandan media are anything to go by. The singer is sad to have cancelled the concert since the venue he was supposed to use got another ‘client’.

Apparently, the ‘Legend: Hit after Hit’ concert date collided with the 2017 ICC World Cricket League Division Three Tournament to be played on the same venue. The sudden cancellation has triggered mixed reactions among his regional fans, with most claiming that Chameleone’s witchcraft is no longer effective.
Following this news, people are saying WORDS that Chamelone’s witchcraft no longer works in his favor. This is not the first time Chameleone is being forced to change his concert date because of ‘unavoidable’ circumstances. Uganda Cricket Association, a body which is in charge of the cricket Oval has however asked the singer to either change the date for his concert or find another venue.


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