REVEALED: How Joho may end up being a ONE term governor

Infighting within NASA coalition could see the Jubilee candidate trounce opposition in the Mombasa gubernatorial race
Wiper Secretary General, Hassan Omar has said Wiper Party will field candidates in all elective positions
Though front runners; infighting between Mombasa governor Hassan Joho (ODM) and Omar could severely divide NASA support base
As NASA fumbles, Jubilee has put its house in order and former warring factions have crystallized into a single voice in Suleiman Shahbal and Anania Mwaboza
A situation of having two NASA politicians on the ballot could badly weaken the NASA vote bloc in Mombasa county, a situation which analysts say could see Jubilee candidate Suleiman Shahbal gain an advantage- and triumph over the two in August 8 race.
Already Omar who is Wiper Secretary General announced on March 3 that Wiper will field candidates in all elective seats across the country, thereby quashing chances of joint NASA primaries to pick the best candidate.
Apart from Senator Omar, Nyali MP and Wiper National Treasurer Awiti Bolo is determined to try his luck in the August poll.
Well placed sources which spoke to on condition of anonymity said Wiper Party Leader Kalonzo Musyoka is persuading Awiti to abandon the quest for governorship and either seek reelection for Nyali seat or contest for senate seat.
But Awiti, a billionaire is adamant maintaining that he is funding his own campaign.
On the other hand, Omar has Kalonzo’s blessings to go for the gubernatorial race given the recent wave of ODM elected politicians from the region decamping to Wiper, which the Wiper leader interprets as good tidings for the party in county 001.
As the NASA group fumbles, Jubilee has put its house in order and former warring factions have crystallized into a single voice in Suleiman Shahbal and Anania Mwaboza.
Shahbal and Mwaboza agreed to work together after intervention of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto.
Shahbal, a billionaire businessman brings campaign war chest on the table while Mwaboza is expected to rake in the Mijikenda votes.
The NASA team should realize that there is no longer infighting within Jubilee and therefore must put their house in order. Shahbal is not a new comer in Mombasa politics and you cannot underestimate him,” said our source who is close to both Raila and Kalonzo.
He notes contrary to popular opinion, Governor Joho beat Shahbal with 37,678 votes, a number which he says will not be hard for Shahbal to beat should both Omar and Joho insist being on the ballot.
The contested 2013 IEBC results for Mombasa gubernatorial race shows that Hassan Ali Joho (ODM) emerged winner with 132, 583 votes with Shahbal (Wiper) emerging second with 94,905 votes. TNA’s Abdalla Mwaruwa was third with 17,335 votes.

Some prominent politicians are already applying pressure on Raila and Kalonzo to have a sit in with their lieutenants (Hassan and Joho) and possibly have them agree on one of them running for the top seat
But Kalonzo has maintained that nothing will stop Wiper from going for the gubernatorial seat. He (Kalonzo) observes ODM has Nairobi and it is only fair that Wiper bags the second biggest city in the country,” said our source.
Both Joho and Omar are also grappling with a choice for a running mate, most likely a Mijikenda.
Sources close to the governor intimated that Joho is considering having either County Executive for Education Tendai Lewa or County Secretary Francis Thoya as his running mate.
Both Lewa and Thoya hail from Giriama sub tribe of the Mijikenda.
A close ally of Joho intimated Lewa had an upper hand given he did not resign from his job to pursue the senator seat as earlier promised, an indication that Joho has prevailed on him to be his running mate.
Lewa garnered 9,000 votes in the 2013 gubernatorial race.
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