See Why There Is Outrage after Churchill Show was pulled off air

A popular family comedy show caused outrage when some of their acts became x-rated
This forced the station airing Churchill Show to pull it off air after 25 minutes of airing
Ezekiel Mutua and Kenyans flooded social media to vent their outrage over how the show turned out
In an unprecedented move for a family comedy show, Churchill Show that airs every Sunday night had to be pulled off air by NTV after sparking outrage in Kenyans.
Apparently, the comedians took some jokes too far, and in a never before seen move, NTV, the station that airs the program had to cut it short 25 minutes into airing the live show being filmed at the recently opened Two Rivers Mall on Sunday, March 5.
Turns out, a bicycle joke by Jasper and another one by Zeddy became too explicit and when the show announced they will be right back after the break, it never came back on.
NTV aired adverts and a documentary the entire time until 9 pm as Kenyans flooded social media to vent their outrage.

Led by Kenya Film Classification Boards Chief Executive Officer Ezekiel Mutua, the self appointed morality police, Kenyans bashed Churchill and his overrated show that had stooped to levels unworthy of being branded a family comedy show.
“A stupid, horrible prank on Churchill Show. An unfortunate idiotic and foul drill, totally in bad taste, lacking in imagination and possibly the evidence of the beginning of the end of an era. That prank, plus the meru-accent-laden village wag's 'dirty' talk disguised as bicycle ride is against the Programming Code for Free-to-air radio and television services in Kenya.
This is a family show and it airs during the watershed. To try and popularize it through cheap sex talk is a breach of the law and betrayal of trust of the program's family audiences. Any celebrity who makes money by pushing dirty content to corrupt the moral values of our children is no better than the politicians looting our country. Its impunity and it's wrong!” wrote Mutua.
And Kenyans rallied behind him for a change after months of demonizing him for being strict on the kind of content that should be pushed on TV and social media.
“Pathetic is the word, never got any joke from it,” wrote Samara Juliette.
“Great work Ezekiel Mutua Today #churchillshow was disgusting,” wrote Infinity Kim.
“I totally agree with you so disgusting, nothing in terms of entertainment,” wrote Dominic Makau.
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