VIDEO: Drama In Court As Controversial Businessman Paul Kobia Throws Tantrum And Attacks Magistrate

There was drama at the Chief Magistrate’s court on Monday when controversial businessman Paul Kobia lost his temper and threw a tantrum demanding to be freed to seek treatment.
Mr Kobia, who was scheduled to plead to a charge of kidnapping a Congolese national Blanchard Condole alongside his four bodyguards, shocked the court and interrupted proceedings as he attempted to attack the presiding magistrate from the bench before the court orderlies blocked him.
“Listen to me your honour, this court is unfair to me. Why have I been taken out of a hospital bed to attend court?” posed Kobia in the midst of crying and struggling with the court orderlies.
Chief magistrate demanded an explanation from the suspect why he was drawing unnecessary attention.
Mr Kobia replied: “I was dragged out of hospital before I recuperated. I am sick and in great pain. I need treatment. I need to go home. Please allow me to seek medication.”
The drama continued outside court cells when the wives of Kobia’s bodyguards blamed him for their troubles.
The four bodyguards -Alvin AnZaya, Nelson Muyi, John Mutwiri and Martin Mwangi – pleaded not guilty to kidnapping and assault charges on March 24th, 2016 and were granted Sh500,000 cash bail or Sh800,000 bond.
Kobia, however, did not take plea on the basis that he is not in stable health to understand the charges facing him and was ordered to rest for two weeks; he will return to court on April 20 should his health improve.
Here’s a video of the Monday incident:

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