5 Hot Celebrity Mums And Their Babies

Motherhood is said to be the hardest unpaid job in the world yet the best there is. It is draining physically, emotionally, psychologically and of course financially. Still there’s no greater reward than the gift of motherhood.
Combined with ‘celebdom’, being in the public eye and having your every move critic-ed can be hard but these celebrity mums seem to be holding it together pretty well. Here are five new celebrity mums who are slaying and making it all look like a walk in the park.
Janet Mbugua
With a tasking media job on her sleeve, Janet Mbugua Ndichu or mama Huru is one of the hottest and relatively new mums around. She seems to balance well between the two and has even taken to mentoring other mothers
Dj Pierra Makena
Motherhood has never looked so good!! Pierra Makena was an eye candy even before the mummy title but now!! WOW! She sprung back to her career and has even hit the gym to try and cut that baby fat (I don’t think she needs the gym anyway!)
Size 8
Mama Wambu a.k.a Mrs. Muraya is also a relatively new celebrity mum, and like the rest, motherhood looks really good on her. she also quickly got back to her career and is definitely one of the hottest celebrity mums we  have.
Lizz Njagah
Actress, film director and producer, Elizabeth Anne Achieng’ Njagah Konstantaras alias Lizz Njagah also seems to be enjoying a smooth mothering journey and she looks good while at it.
Faith Muturi
Former NTV Crossover 101 host Faith Muturi and her husband George Ngugi welcomed their bundle of Joy late last year and just a few months down the line, Faith is looking great!
These are just but a few of the hot new mums we have, others include Tamima, Brenda Wairimu, Tina Kaggia among others.

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