Feature | Story Of An Under Rated Rapper Making It Against All Odds

Rapper Stomody, born 27 years ago as Stephen Odhiambo, Stomody is a versatile rapper who begun realizing his skills in his early teenage. 

With inspiration from the likes of Nonini and Juacali, his potential kept growing  over the years  until he joined high school at  St, Mary's School Yala. It is during then, that he begun writing his own lyrics and performing during different gigs. 

His name Stomody came about when on various occasions during the sporting events,  he could get into the ' D' area of the basketball court and start storming fellow students with rhymes, something that later developed to be his nick name Storm-d. However, for the name to alliterate, he changed it to Stomody.

Upon clearing high school, and college in the Western part of Kenya, he begun recording at Pacho Entertainment on 2nd January 2011. Since then, he has done several collaborations and solo projects in different studios in Nairobi.

In 2014, he featured an artist from New York city in a collaboration which was well received in that city. In the bid still to support other rising talents, he found a group dubbed Ghipuka Familia which later broke up due to management issues. 

There has been tremendous projects which he engaged in and the recent one dubbed WHO OWNS THE CROWN which brought rappers across Nairobi to battle for a crown. The event was sponsored by Queen Nefertiti of New York city. He believes he is multi-talented and if given chance, he could be the next big thing in Kenya. Attached herein are testimonials of what he has been doing.

Watch  his videos below.

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