“I Caught My Husband Cheating” Esther Passaris Narrates Shocking Episode In Her Marriage

The case of the “other woman” is no longer unfamiliar aspect of relationships nowadays. In as much as we condemn side chicks ‘mpango wa kando’ we have be alive to the fact that they exist.
Women Rep aspirant Esther Passaris despite being an influential personality in Kenya also wasn’t spared from mpango wa kando drama. In a recent interview on KBC the 52 year old mother of two revealed a shocking episode in her marriage where she walked into a restaurant only to spot her husband,Pius Mbugua Ngugi, having lunch with another woman.
I know you are curious about what happened next but if you expected a dramatic show down, you are in for a rude shock.
“I walked in, I greeted him and went back to my table,” Passaris revealed.
So what happened when they got home, according to Passaris her husband asked why she didn’t react, and this was her calm response; “Darling, what did you want me to do? You wanted me to fight with you in public? I had a business lunch there, you had another woman… was it something I needed to fight for? Because a man is not my God, my God is only one. I cannot fight over a man.”
Passaris further revealed that she doesn’t harbor any hard feeling against the other women in her husband’s life, she even takes time to buy them gifts.
“When I travel with my husband, I buy presents for the other women’s children, because we are in this situation already. W are many. I know love is emotive. You know what? My first husband is God. I am not going to fight over this man to the point that I destroy other women or their children. I think every woman should be like that”
And why exactly is she so hospitable to her co-wives, she added; “Ashazaa huko nje, are you going to let the other women’s children suffer? I fight for all women; I fight for all children, okay? Even if it is my husband with another woman out there! At the end of the day, ni mtoto wa bwanangu, ni ndugu ya watoto wangu.”

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