Sautisol Savara’s Brother Exposed For Being A Con & Womanizer!

‘Heaven has no Rage, like Love to Hatred turned, Nor Hell a Fury, like a Woman scorned’  
Savara’s brother Hilary Mudigi can attest to this after being exposed for conning women both financially and in matters the heart.
Apparently one of the ladies who fell victim to Hilary’s conniving ways got very mad after she learnt that she’s been taken for a fool and approached a local blog where she shared her experience in a bid to expose Hilary.
The ‘Mwizi wa mapenzi’ has been described as a con and a womanizer. It turns out, he was being housed, fed and clothed by a woman he was dating while lying to another one in a different country whom he was in a long distance relationship with.
The women in question claim to have sent lump-sums of money to the culprit over a couple of months. Chats were exchanged between victims but in the end, Hilary denied it all and said they were all bitter exs.
Well whatever the case, love is a complicated thing and it makes us stupid at times. Either way, no one should take advantage of someone who loves them just because they know they might get away with it.

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