Kenyan Radio Queen Adelle Onyango Puts Together The Ultimate Rugby Experience

"We have such talented rugby players in this country and we don't even go watch them play!!! Why? I want to change that!" - Adelle
Radio Queen Adelle Onyango wants Kenyans to make Kenyan rugby great again.

The social activist has set her sights on the ongoing rugby games by attending them and creating buzz around the major games.

"It is not really a campaign, I just wanna get back to loving rugby. I used to a lot when I was in saints and campus then life interrupted me. So I grabbed members of #TeamADELLE, singer Mayonde and several rugby players and put together the ultimate rugby experience."

She continued, "We have such talented rugby players in this country and we don't even go watch them play!!! Why? I want to change that!"

Adding, that the ultimate experience was centred around "the men... Okay! Seriously though, the crowd and the experience of being part of the crowd - the cheering!" 

Adelle had earlier shot a super successful and viral vlog on her YouTube Channel dubbed Adelle On The Loose - it follows the media personality's quest to discover Kenyan treasures from interesting personalities, hidden restaurants, culinary delights, new music, dance etc.

In the vlog, Adelle teamed up with ALWAYS for the #Always4TheGirl campaign and Harlequins' David Ambunya, Pius Shiundu and Lyle Asiligwa to demystify conversations around menstruation .

“We have made it something to be ashamed of, to hide, to talk about in closed rooms and hush tones. When it's something to celebrate. And by having these conversations we also have to include men. Men around me claimed they feel left out because we women never involve them in the conversations. So this episode we strapped some rugby players in pads and quizzed them on periods. If they got the questions wrong there were watery consequences!” Adelle explained.

Beside the three rugby hunks, Adelle also featured  Biko Adema and Sammy Oliech saying "#TeamADELLE LOVE them so they'll be on other episodes."

Meanwhile, Adelle has been nominated for a SoMa Award under the Media Personality category.

Reacting to this, Adelle told  #TeamAdelle, "Thank you for voting for me in all awards I've been nominated in - including the most recent. I truly appreciate it! You are all gems. However I've redefined my goals and what success is. I want to leave a strong legacy. 

"Above all, leave lives changed - I want to be extremely consumed by this purpose that it inspires YOU to find your purpose too! That will be success to me. Awakening has been good to me."

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