“Mnaishi Ama Mnabahatisha?” Akothee Sympathizes With Kenyans Over High Prices Of Unga

Life for anyone living in Kenya currently is hard and unbearable. The cost living is at it’s all time high, and it’s no longer a joke.

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This caused Singer and entertainer, Akothee to publicly sympathize with wage earners. She wrote;
“bei ya unga imepanda na hata pia haiko unaambiwa mfuko mbili kwa familia mmoja , bei ya sukari ndio hiyo , leo, sitima kwa mwezi bei ya shamba , school fees pia nimepokea barua ya kwamba wataongezea asili mia , marafiki zangu wanasema landlord alisema rent itaongezwa kila mwaka , aise , sirikali pia imeongeza mshahara ama ni vipi ? iko wapi ile maziwa tulikuwa tunakunywa wakati wa moi ? serikali unajuwa watu wako wanaumia?”
As for her, the economy doesn’t bite despite her large family of five, she explained; “I am a business woman so I land deals left & right but , how are the people on salary surviving ? mnaishi ama mnabahatisha ndugu zanguni , am asking for a friend , #theearthishard , are we seing some light at the end of the turnel ?”
Take a look at the singer and her family below;

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