Photos: Chipukeezy Badly Trolled By Ghanaians On Social Media

Social media has turned the world into a village, literally! Oceans now seem like small puddles of water due to social media.
That said, popular Kenyan comedian Chipukeezy was recently making headlines in Ghana. Apparently Ghanaians on social media mistook the comedian’s upcoming project, Embaya to be a Ghanaian production which they begun to troll. Take a look below;
Chipukeezy determined to set the record straight, wrote on social media; “This photo has been trending in Ghana for the last few day’s😅😅😅. ..if you have a Ghanian friend tell them that we are from 254 and Embaya is coming soon.”
The project which is parody of Fox’s Empire series, features former Mother-In-Law actress, Catherine Kamau alias Celina, who plays Koki (Cookie Lyon).

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