Put Some “Respeck” On Victor Wanyama’s Name. Tanzanian’s Name A Street After Him

Well, seems Victor Wanyama is more celebrated in Tanzania than his own homeland.
Wanyama, who turned 26 on Sunday, had gone to Tanzania to celebrate his birthday. Where he was later honored by our southern neighbors, Tanzania by naming a street after his name.
This breaks the record as he becomes the first Kenyan athlete to have a street named after him both locally and outside Kenya.The footballer player went ahead to share his heartfelt thanks to the mayor of Ubungo city council, read his statement below
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Nitoe Shukrani zangu za dhati kwa Mayor na wakaazi wote wa Manispaa ya Ubungo kwa kunikaribisha na kulipatia jina langu barabara ya mtaa wa NHC. Naahidi kurudi tena na Ahsanteni sana kwa ukarimu na makaribisho mlionipa. Asante Tanzania  🇹🇿🇹🇿

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