Rapper King Kaka Lands A Deal With UNICEF As The Kenyan Brand Ambassador

Music seems to be a booming business at the moment and every being is at some point trying to be a singer or a music business manager.
The money in this is industry is a good one with concerts being held all over the country with big names and acts gracing these events and artists getting endorsement and sponsorship deals from big organizations with the recent one being King Kaka being endorsed by UNICEF as their Kenyan brand ambassador.
King Kaka who is joining the likes of Lionell Messi in the league of endorsers wrote on his social media.
Breaking News , King Kaka is The UNICEF Brand Ambassador Kenya. all Glory to God. After a long day on the grind making dreams happen, it’s great to let loose and have fun. But as we enjoy life, we always remember to take care of ourselves and those around us. For us, Tuna Kula Life na Adabu, and that way, we keep the good times rolling.
Join me and team UNICEF, as we talk about how we can live life to the fullest.

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