Umoinner Matatu Crew Save Woman From Kidnappers

A matatu crew plying the Umoinner Sacco are winning the hearts of many after saving a Kenyan woman from suspected kidnappers along Jogoo road.
The Umoinner crew of Billa Bong (below) and the passengers went out of their way to ensure that Njeri Mwangi, a possible target by kidnappers reached home safe and sound.
A Facebook user Hummingbird, shared her experience.
It read:
It all started  around City Stadium roundabout when Njeri noticed a Silver Bluebird Nissan trailing her all the way from Madaraka. Following her gut feeling that everything was not ok. Njeri decided to follow a slow vehicle and the occupants of the trailing vehicle also followed her.
She decided to accelerate to put off the kidnappers, on doing that she noticed that they also increased their speed and that is when she knew that if she did not do something she would end up dead. She almost overturned at the Rikana supermarket roundabout.
On nearing Total Petrol Station near the Buru Buru Junction that is when she noticed the Umoinner bus (Billa Bong ) ahead of her, she then decided to follow the bus but it entered the petrol station for fueling and just like that Njeri decided to follow them.
Umoinenr Bus whose Crew Saved A Lady From Possible Kidnapping

While at the petrol station she notified the Umoinner crew that she was being followed by suspicious people possibly kidnappers. The matatu that plys the BuruBuru route decided to use Jogoo road so as to make sure Njeri reaches home safely.
The Umoinner crew went out of their way to use Manyanja Road to Bee Centre just to distract the kidnappers, and the crew insisted that if she was not ok (at this point they had lost the kidnappers) they would escort her to the Estate gate.
The amazing thing in all this is that the passengers also agreed to go together with the bus crew just to make sure that Njeri reaches home safe.
Kudos to the crew.

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