Vera Sidika’s Driver Accused Of Hitting a Young Lady In Town With Her Expensive Range Rover (PHOTOS)

Socialite Vera Sidika has managed to stay out of controversy for the last few years, so that she can focus on her business and projects, but looks like one scandal has caught up with her.
The video vixen has been called out on social media to turn over one of her employees who allegedly hit a lady with her car in Nairobi’s CBD.
The lady who was apparently hit goes by the name Khakayi Mahero, and took to social media to shame the male driver who knocked her as she was walking on Kimathi street.
According to the Facebook user, the short stout man did not apologize after the incident and instead became arrogant without offering any help after hitting her with the Range Rover Vogue on a pedestrian pavement.
Mahero made sure she shared photos of the Range and the number plate, just to substantiate that it was indeed Vera’s vehicle that hit her. She also revealed that she had reported the matter to the police on May 30.
The victim’s friends on Facebook also helped her tag the National Transport and Safety Authority to her post to alert them, so that they can hopefully help in tracking down the driver.
Here’s the post from the user, Khakayi Mahero;
Miss Vera Sidika, please turn in your driver or whoever was driving your car that hit me yesterday evening as he was DRIVING DOWN A PEDESTRIAN PAVEMENT on Kimathi Street.
Short, dark, stout, shiny bald-headed man with a broad nose, a gap between his upper front teeth in a white shirt and enough arrogance to fuel the SGR train. #RoadHogAlert
Here’s a comparison of Vera’s car and the one involved in the incident.

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