Lakeside Most Sought After Rapper Gabiro Shares His Two Cents On Music Life and Success

Music just like any other business out there needs passion, dedication and hard work. As a wise man once said, there is no short cut to success and you can never cheat the system to become an overnight success.
Waking up every day, even when you do not feel like doing it is what drives us closer to success and one of these figures, grinding harder than most is Kisumu president of rap Gabriel Washington popularly known as Gabiro.
A young artist in a highly competitive industry, I first came to experience his musical power in a joint dubbed “Ujumbe Remix” in which he teamed up with fellow lakeside emerging artists Pablo, Achicho, Louie and Needah.
Watch “Ujumbe Remix” below and download it on Mdundo click here Ujumbe Remix – Gabiro ft. Pablo, Achichi, Louie and Needah (Audio)

In a heartfelt yet so inspiring story, the award winning rapper narrates to us where he is from musically and how far he has come.
“I was once just a little drummer at a local ‘Ohangla’ (A traditional music genre popular amongst the lakeside communities of Luo tribe in Kenya) band working from Monday to Monday on a Kes.250 payroll”, the soft-spoken rapper starts off.
An immensely talented rapper stack at the back of a band as a mere drummer might have had to be the point of return for him but no! His mind was made up. Going through such harsh conditions has seen many give up or change the path to their dreams, so why keep on going?
From Far Left; Gabiro,Producer Malique (Centre), Jahvo (One Vibe Africa,CEO/Founder)
“I knew what I really wanted. It is not that I did not know how to rap but even when I was a drummer I was still giving your favorite rappers sleepless nights” He boosts a little.
Being amongst the few rap acts from Kisumu that have been accepted across the continent with his music being played across Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and even his tracks on rotation in west Africa and even the United States.
Currently enjoying a fair share of airplay with his latest release “Low Key” a collaborative effort between him and sulty singer, songwriter performing artist Matamu Music.
Watch “Low Key” below and download it on Mdundo click here Low Key- Gabiro ft. Matamu (Audio)

“Working from 5:00PM to 3:00AM for such a small token of salary made me want to give, having come from a blessed family where Kes.250 was not much to us but my motivation was not the money but the network I was in every time I had a gig with the band” He reminisces.
Tracing back the first steps of his solo career, the young star says in a grateful voice, “I met a number of guys who helped me push my brand to where it is today and they still do up to date even when I do not have much to offer them. I will forever be indebted to you guys. You are so many and am only human to remember all your names but I really want to say a big thank you.
You are my biggest motivation! You always support me unconditionally! May God make us bigger.”
Promising more amazing projects lined up for us, Gabiro is one of the names you need at the top of your talents to watch list.

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