Here’s Why Sarahah Could Be More Dangerous Than You Thought

The latest craze in town is Sarahah and everyone has been jumping on the bandwagon to look cool or for other reasons that are only known them.
Basically, Sarahah – which has been touted as the most downloaded app on the iOs store and on Google Play Store over the last two months – is a messaging application.
After downloading it and signing up on, you’ll get a shareable link which you can pass around to friends on your other social media pages.
But unlike WhatsApp, Viber, Google Allo, Telegram and what not, this app does not reveal the identity of the sender and that’s the tricky part.
Simply put, the sender knows the identity of the receiver, but the receiver will never know whom the message came from. That is all kinds of wrong if you ask me.
When it comes to messaging, anonymity is very dangerous because you could be opening up yourself to the world of cyber bullying and being conned.
Take for instance, you receive a text from someone saying she’s your mum and she needs some money after being involved in an accident.
Since you don’t know the identity of the sender, you wouldn’t know what to do but maybe it’s your mom and she really needs help. But then again, maybe it’s just a con man.
I was having a chat with a friend over the weekend and she told me that it hasn’t crossed her mind to download Sarahah, an Arabic term that means honesty.
Upon inquiring why she told me “If someone can not tell me stuff to my face why should I allow them to be anonymous?”
Another female friend – who happens to be plus size – showed me the messages that she had received and that’s partly the reason why I decided to write this piece.
Some faceless people thought it was right to tell her that she should hit the gym since she can’t find a man to settle down with her body which they referred to as “big”.
Although I felt bad for her, I faulted her for downloading the app. She later explained that she was swayed after a friend of hers posted screenshots of praise on her page.
In most cases, ladies get raunchy messages from men who have been trying to bed them but they are not courageous enough to ask for “it” in their faces.
So far the weirdest message I’ve seen from the screenshots my friends have been posting is Mbekho nunu? At first, I thought what is this but then it later sank in.
I don’t understand why someone would allow themselves to be told nasty things by some individuals who are fighting their own insecurities. Anyway, the choice is yours.
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