I survived on a packet of milk and Mandazi for supper - Grace Ekirapa

 Gospel musician and crossover 101 host Grace Ekirapa has opened up on the tough life she had to experience while studying at the university .
The sassy tv girl took to his social media handle to testify how the Lord has been good to her ,Grace who formerly hosted  KBC ANGAZA show alongside Mr T and DJ 21

Revealed on how she used to take mandazi and a packet of milk for supper ,and  afterwards wonder  where she would get bus fare the next morning ,the down to earth  presenter also admitted to have had issues of raising house rent further adding that  she couldn't afford to have a make over ah her closet but since her life is now good due to the financial stability she eRned  she feels grateful that the Lord saw her tribulations and turned it to sucess.

Grace joined crossover 101  a year ago after former host  went on maternity leave ,though during her  Grace tenure has had  both successes and scandals with his co host Sammy Muraya  popularly known as Dj Mo being accused by  fast rising musician Nexxie for soliciting for a bribe before he kept his song BETTER MAN on the show rotation .

"Today my heart stands in awe at the goodness of God .I woke up with a great feeling of praise and in prayer God reminded me of things I have owned , walked in , experienced ,been part of that I did nothing to deserve .I get on my knee's every time I remember what my story was a few years ago .The days I survived by having a packet of milk and Mandazi for supper and then sleept waiting for the next day .The days I went through my phone book a hundred times looking for whom to call just to ask for bus fare to school .The times when the month would come to an end and I would sit wondering where the rent was going to come  from .The years I survived on the same   clothes and shoes because I could not afford to buy even a new pair of sandals .Now I break at his goodness .I celebrate when I head to a shop to buy more than one packet of milk .Now I rejoice when I can get into a matatu and pay fare then receive change ." Wrote  Grace .

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