See Why South B is Home To Many Kenyan Musicians

South B is an estate based in Makadara  Division in Nairobi, Kenya. It consists of middle class houses ranging from the tiled roofed Plainsview Estate to the metal roofed Mariakani Estate. South B is famed for its number 11 matatus (Minibuses – Public Transport PSVs). It has a shopping centre and Capital centre Mall. The houses there are in high demand due to its closeness to the Nairobi Central Business District. South B is located north of the South C.
All these may be good enough  reason to some people but its not for some Kenyan artistes. Most of them live or like South B because of its advantages which comes with the art industry.
Most studios are in south B Which make it more convenient for the artistes to carry out thier daily musical activities.Some of these studios are:Ogopa Deejays, Booma Video, Main Switch Production and Ulopa Ngoma. Ogopa Deejays is known for bringing up most of well known kenyan artists from wayback like Namless, Amani, Tatuu, Avril, Colonel Mustapha and the late E-Sir
Moreover, It has Go Down Centre Which has and is continuing to nature talents from all walks of life through classical music, contemporary Dance, Duunda Mtaani and Poetry.

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