How Social Media Ruins Celebrity Marriages

Over time, celebrity marriages have failed to prove that they have a lasting power except for a few. Happily ever after rarely happen in celebrity marriages, they have very early expiry dates. However, most of these breakups are made open to the public eye which might have been the beginning of their problems.

Since the invention of social media the way we meet and interact with each other differs. Although it provides a platform to learn more about people you associate with, there is a greater disadvantage when it comes to romantic relationships. An increased usage of social media may lead to marital problems, infidelity, and divorce.

Segun Arinze who suffered a broken marriage in 2003 says “I have had my share of it. Social media is helping to destroy so many marriages and a lot of our so-called celebrities are not helping themselves. That is by putting their marriages and relationships on social media. Your private life should be private.”
It is quite clear celebrities have refused to neither steer clear of social media nor take the advice from the veteran actor. Just recently an actress went on her Instagram page to celebrate one year free from her abusive husband. On the other hand, another went ahead to use shady words in congratulating another on their wedding day.  These two acts from celebrities with their full knowledge of bloggers prying eyes show how social media has become lord over their lives.

While advising celebrities on the use of the social media, Comedian Bash said, “People get carried away with the social media; it can make or mar you. My advice to celebrities is to please keep their private life private. I’m not saying a celebrity should not marry another celebrity, I’m just saying they should keep it private.”
Social media have now become the new counsellor of homes, the new listeners in homes and the new backbones of most celebrities. The more you talk, the more you open yourself to potential danger. Most of the failed marriages crash because celebrities take them to the media. Nonetheless, the truth is their marriages face what every other marriage faces but also with the additional burden of too much publicity.

Celebrities have let social media affect their private life and it is a contributing factor, outside the understanding, trust and communication values.  Thereby forgetting there is a life after the cameras. The internet has continually welcomed celebrity marriage crashes at the expense of human feelings. While celebrities keep feeding the internet with their marriage issues.

Tonto Dikeh and Toke Makinwa had been on a tell-it-all mission since their marriages crashed. Makinwa went as far as to make a book out of her troubled marriage. A comedian once said  “the truth is that most celebrity marriages, I think, they just play to the gallery, forgetting the core values of marriage.Any little thing you see it on social media. Why? A man buys his wife a diamond ring, and he puts it on Instagram, for instance.”

Conclusively, celebrities should know when to draw the line between their public and private life. They should also learn how to do damage control or rather avoid washing their dirty linens on social media.

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