'Demon possessed' girl expelled from Migori school

A Standard Seven pupil at Nyamome Primary School in Migori County was expelled from school after she was accused of being possessed by demons.
The 13-year-old girl was also alleged to be a member of a devil worship group, and enlisting her fellow pupils to the group.

The school is said to have taken the decision after the girl began collapsing and writhing in hysteria.

"The girl would collapse and start uttering unintelligible words as if she was communicating to spirits. She has been doing this for some time hence scaring the other pupils. This is perhaps why the school administration decided to expel her," said one of the teachers in the school.

False accusation

In a report by the Nation, the girl said she was accused falsely. “I am accused of something I don't even understand. I like going to school but now I have been barred. I just stay at home not knowing what to do," said the girl amid tears.
The girl's mother, Ms Jackline Akinyi, refuted claims of her daughter belonging to a devil worship group. She said the school should not have expelled her daughter without informing her.
“I am crying for help. I don’t think my daughter is a devil worshipper. I am pleading with the school to allow her to continue with her education as I seek medical help for her condition,” she said.

Board decision

The school's headmaster Joshua Siro said the administration sent her away after confirming that she was under the influence of demonic powers.
"She had been found behaving strangely while trying to recruit other pupils into the practice. We took this decision to save the other children from fear as most of them were shying away from school because of the girl," Mr Siro said.
In a letter expelling the pupil, Mr Siro said the decision was made by the school’s board of management.

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